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"Thanks again for an amazing session yesterday. I am still on a high since I left. I loved the way that you really looked like you were enjoying what you were doing. You had a big smile and sparkle in your eye, it gave me such pleasure. You asked what I enjoyed the most, I loved it all but probably the caning was the best. Your emphasis on the “sweet spot” kept me with some strong memories." - K

"It has been several days since i had the distinct honour of serving Mistress Estelle for the first time, and yet i am still waiting for the ecstasy to subside. it is not so much the warmth that comes from her sadistic punishments but from my heart in pleasing such a goddess with my whimpers and surrender, rewarded with the most sensual of touches, and the intimacy of being so close, as those gorgeous luscious curls wisp past your face leaving you in heaven. Mistress Estelle is intoxicating in every way, stylish with a love of fine living, an aura and aroma that will leave you floating, naturally superior with a intellect and charm that will wrap any man around her finger, and yet a kindness that lets you know she has her slaves interests at heart. I can’t wait to lower myself at her heels again." - D

"Recently I had the privilege of serving Mistress Estelle Leon, my time with her was absolutely spectacular. Online, she appeared very professional, stylish and intimidating, but when I met her in the flesh for the first time, I was completely blown away. The pictures don’t even come close to doing her justice – she has the most perfect features, with piercing green eyes that are dangerously electric, and an amazing figure that is dressed to kill. But her physical looks are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of her qualities as a Mistress. The first thing that became clear, is that she is very focused on developing trust, and emphasizes the importance of communication (in both directions). I came to appreciate first-hand that she puts a great deal of time into preparing for a session – each individually tailored. She has wide range of equipment, all spotlessly clean! Once the session starts, you will never be in any doubt that she is in complete control. She doesn’t need to shout or scream; she just tells you in the calm voice and you fall under the spell with one look. I lost speech and track of time! She introduced new activities thoughtfully and reads situations perfectly, knowing just the right pace to build the intensity. I can remember vividly this moment, a short while into the session – and at that precise moment I learnt the true meaning of submission. And it felt absolutely incredible. By far and away the most intense experience I’ve ever had. But it didn’t stop. I found her skills very accomplished, and her ability push exactly the right buttons magical. The experience with Mistress Estelle exceeded my wildest fantasies. Thank you so much Mistress you are amazing!" - B

"Such an all encompassing and profound evening. More than I could have expected. Thank you and I hope to see you again." - B

"I have been seeing Mistress regularly for over twelve months now and cannot recommend her highly enough. Mistress is that rare provider who truly listens and takes onboard your desires and expectations for each encounter and then delivers on them each and every time. Her eye for detail and ability to explore in a playful, totally collaborative way transports each session to a higher level. When I first started seeing her, I did not expect to be still seeing her exclusively twelve months later but her beauty, temperament, and knock out gorgeous Dominatrix service ticks all my boxes. I only hope that with her continuing popularity she will still be able to fit me in to her busy schedule." -T

"As i entered and saw Mistress Estelle, i was mesmerised by how gorgeous she is. While her pics on her website are stunning, she is even more gorgeous in real. Her apartment had perfect ambience. She has an amazing setup of whips, canes, bench and even a cage !! She made me super comfortable. i loved the way she discussed my likes and dislikes in detail before we got started. Mistress seamlessly used the information i had provided to carve out a perfect session for me. She ensured to cover all my likes and even added a few pleasant surprises that blew me away. For anyone looking for a perfect Mistress for a session, I recommend her 200%. i am sure I will be back for many more sessions with Mistress Estelle. Thank you Mistress for the most amazing session today and bless you." - SB

"Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you. I do not know how to begin describing the experience I had today. I've never felt so wonderful and free. To be honest I was a bit scared and confused about how it was going to be. But you made it so easy and comfortable. I would like to mention the fact that I've not seen or met such a beautiful lady in my whole life who has an equally admirable soul. From the moment I saw you I wanted to touch you to feel that you are real. The absolute details in the session and the way you covered everything that I mentioned was amazing. Thank you for everything you did today. I am already looking forward to the next session and planning in my mind things I would want more." - R

"For anyone, male or female who has ever thought (haven’t we all) of venturing into the exotic world of sexual pleasure Mistress Estelle Leon should be your first experience. Total professionalism, nurturing, gorgeous, and a repertoire unmatched. Mistress Estelle will take on your fantasy, fetish and sublime trip of a lifetime. You will crave for more. Spoil yourself at least once in your life. What are you waiting for?" - R

"I am somewhat new to BDSM and kink. Over the last year I have been exploring few sensual kink sessions with my stylish Mistress Estelle. A skilled professional, she has made me feel safe and comfortable. She understands my desires and sessions with her feel emotionally connected. My first ever pegging session with Mistress was truly memorable. While I have enjoyed the exploration pleasure and pain in our sessions, I have also been fortunate enough to have her accompany me on numerous social dates. A true romantic Domme, her personality is warm, her company intimate and her power formidable. A Dominant of a unique kind!" - J

"Mistress Estelle is a drop-dead gorgeous with mesmerising eyes. Every single session with her is unique packed with full of ecstasy, joy and fun. Do not be fooled by her angel face! She is quite sensual but can also be super strict. Mistress Estelle is quite skilful when it comes to delivering corporal punishments so be careful what you wish for prior to the session and avoid any kind of disobedience. Besides, she has an amazing, respectful and caring personality. I am so lucky to get to know her and be honoured to submit to her every time she visits our city." - A

"Thank you for the privilege for letting me serve you the other night. I am still in euphoria and in a state of disbelief if it was a dream or if I really did have that wonderful session with you. I have not seen or known someone as beautiful inside out as you are and am happy to have found you and grateful for the opportunity to be able to serve you. Every second of that session was so beautiful. Thank you for letting me worship your beautiful feet. I have not seen anything more beautiful than that and can worship them and be under them for the rest of my life. The spanking was equally beautiful...your touch and tease was next level and even writing about it gives me shivers." - R

"What do i say or where do i start. i contacted My stress Estelle while she was on Holidays and after a few 10s of emails, W/we fixed up a day and time. Initially i was not sure of her femdom quality, as i found out later that she also does full service. But i am happy that i went ahead with it. As soon as I entered, the way She stood there gazing on me, put all my doubts to rest. And i enjoyed each and every moment of the session. She is kind but also stern and most importantly intelligent to understand the sub's feelings. I love being cuddled and she understood that while sessioning and helped me during the session whenever i needed (and i didn't have to say a word). The way she conducted her session, the pace and her sincerity is pretty awesome. She exactly knows how to play mind games which is very important during a femdom session... Until next time Goddess..." - PTCS

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