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Email is preferred. Use the contact form above or simply email Me at MistressEstelle@estelleleon.com

Discussion of sessions over the phone may be possible if you text beforehand to arrange a convenient time.


My preferred availability is between Monday - Thursday, 10am - 8pm.

Sessions that start outside these days & hours will attract an additional fee of $100 p/h.

Sessions are held in a private and spacious BDSM studio located in Collingwood.


I welcome clients of all ages (18+), genders, body shapes, backgrounds and persuasions. I only discriminate on the basis of manners.

Deposits and Screening

I require deposits and screening information from all first-time clients. Please get in contact for details on My policies.


Gifts are always appreciated but by no means expected. See My wishlists below:

Gift in person: Wishlistr
Gift online: Wishtender