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I am Mistress Estelle, a Melbourne-based Dominatrix and fetishist.

I offer a unique kind of Femdom, a style that embodies My sensuality, romanticism and elegant sadism. I am formidable but tender, ethereal yet nurturing.

My Dominance and power manifest in the skilful provision of erotic pain, sensory pleasure, seductive tease and torment. Submission is what I want from you - trust and surrender to My whim.

I embrace an approach of considered cruelty. Under My care, I’ll envelop you, control you, and guide you with intention through sensations both subtle and intense.

I thrive in perversion, whilst empathetic. Intelligent and intuitive, with years of experience as a sexuality & kink professional, and extensive training in the erotic arts; I craft sessions that are intimate and connected, tailored to O/our mutual interests and desires.

Beyond the pleasure of serving Me, BDSM & fetish can offer space for exploration, self-expression, growth, and healing. Or, perhaps you are just in need of some strict discipline, to be reminded of your place, and given the punishment that you deserve.

I have a penchant for latex, leather, fine lingerie and stylish attire, pleased to satisfy those with a mutual appreciation x