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About Me

I am Mistress Estelle, a Melbourne-based professional Dominatrix.

I am known for My romantic and hedonistic sensibilities. I am a sensual, elegant and confidently sadistic Femdom, who possesses a fondness for slow, hypnotic, yet indulgent forms of psychosexual play.

BDSM and fetish are My passion. My practice embodies this. I hold a deep curiosity and appreciation for human sexuality in its diverse forms and expressions, though I am particularly attracted to power exchange. I thrive on curating intimate and perverse experiences for those fortunate enough to serve Me.

My training has been extensive and multidisciplinary. With a professional career that spans 7 years, My knowledge and skills are well-honed and continuously growing. I am interested in many areas of play, though I am especially drawn towards scenes which are creative, dynamic building and aesthetic.

Whether you are looking to relinquish control for the first time, or you’re an experienced submissive playing at your edge – I welcome you. Sessions are tailored to our mutual interests and desires. My studio is contemporary, spacious, and fully equipped.

Ready to submit?

My style

I oscillate between Classic Femdom & Romantic Femdom. You may wish to refer to these to indicate your preferred dynamic.

Classic Femdom

Female domination and supremacy. Strict, cold, and calculating. I’ll control you, challenge you and command your obedience. Suffer and submit. I am a sadist at heart. Bodes especially well with corporal punishment, discipline and training, various forms of torture, humiliation, and edge play.

Romantic Femdom

Tease and sensual pleasure. Nurturing, warm and playful. Considered cruelty inflicted as a love language. Passionate and tender perversion. Ownership as intimacy. Eroticism and power infused. Bodes especially well with tease, worship, devotional practices, chastity, and human canvas.